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Mazel tov on your [not-so] little girl's upcoming bas mitzvah! 

Choose from the options of bas mitzvah books below, or contact us for custom options.


All packages include up to 30 minutes of phone calls.  Any additional time spent gathering information will incur an extra charge.

Text Only

One ancestor ------------------------------------------- $100

Two ancestors ------------------------------------------ $150

Four ancestors ------------------------------------------ $200

Six ancestors ------------------------------------------- $250

Guest Book

Includes formatted text + poem + 1 picture per ancestor + blank lined pages

Two ancestors ------------------------------------------ $200

Four ancestors ------------------------------------------ $250

Six ancestors ------------------------------------------- $300

Photo Book

Includes formatted text + poem + up to 10 pictures with captions

Four ancestors ----------------------------------------- $275

Six ancestors ------------------------------------------ $320

*Samples available upon request

**Packages can be customized, but may be subject to additional fees

This is an amazing, unique, and timeless bas mitzvah gift! My daughter loves it - she displays it prominently on her desk. It is beautifully done and encapsulates everything I want to give over to her- that her bas mitzvah is a major milestone and that it connects her to her grandmothers and great-grandmothers! I love the graphics and the format; it is very appealing and current, which is perfect for a pre-teen. It’s a great backdrop for giving over to her a short synopsis and accompanying visuals of her grandmothers and great grandmothers (and mother)! This should be a standard bas mitzvah gift. It’s beautiful and meaningful!

- E. M. Brooklyn, NY


Sample page - spread



Sample page - single

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